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Melba Shanks ,  RAVE Award, NBCT
Melba Shanks , RAVE Award, NBCT



My name is Melba Johnson-Shanks. I have over 17 years of counseling experience 6 years in  an agency counseling  and 11 years in a school setting. My educational journey began in the Birmingham School System. I am a 1994 graduate  of Wenonah High School. Apon graduation I went to the University of Montevallo to obtain  a Bachelors Degree in Education.I am the recipient of the Minority Teachers Scholarship from the University of Montevallo 1994-98.  I received a  Masters Degree in Counseling from Alabama State University  in 2001 . 

I am the first National Board Certified School Counselor in the Bessemer City School system. Bessemer, Alabama. I have received  the Bronze Award  in 2011 , Silver Award in 2012, Gold Award in 2013  for Recognition of Accountability , Verification, and Excellence  (RAVE) Award for School Counselors in Alabama.

As a professional school counselor I make sure the needs of students, parents, faculty, and community  are met through  annual assessments  and consistent monitoring . As the counselor I provide large group guidance, small groups, and individual counseling. I also work with community  agencies to provide referrals to students and families in need. 
Melba Johnson-Shanks, M.S., NBCT

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Melba Johnson-Shanks, M.S., NBCT


Professional School  Counselor