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Mission Statement

J. S. Abrams Elementary School will develop productive,self-motivated learners who take pride in their accomplishments and contributions to society.
We will work in harmony with the community and parents to provide a challenging curriculum in a safe and engaging environment that nurtures the lifelong learning process.

We Believe...

  • Everyone is capable of learning.  
  • All individuals deserve to learn and work in a safe and supportive environment.   
  • Everyone deserves to be taught an appropriate yet challenging curriculum.   
  • Everyone deserves an opportunity to obtain a high-quality education.  
  • Positive relationships and mutual respect among all individuals promote high self-esteem.   
  • Scholars should be provided a variety of opportunities to demonstrate their achievements.   
  • Education is a shared responsibility between home, school and community.  
  • Continuous improvement is essential to enable scholars to become confident, self-directed and lifelong learners.



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